Register with Fitness Australia

Fitness Australia governs and administers the National Exercise Professional Registration Scheme, Business Registration Scheme and Continuing Education Scheme. The aim of these schemes is to safeguard the health and interests of people using fitness services. The key functions are to provide a system of regulation for exercise professionals, businesses and education providers to ensure that they meet fitness industry standards and to promote best practice in the Australian fitness industry.

Fitness Australia's registration schemes provide assurance and confidence to consumers, employers and health professionals that all registered exercise professionals and businesses adhere to industry standards, are committed to customer care, safety and well-being of their clients and about providing quality service.

So whether you're a fitness instructor or personal trainer, Fitness Australia's National Register of Exercise Professionals will enhance your employability, connection and professionalism within the Australian fitness industry.

If you operate or manage a small or medium sized business, personal training studio, franchised facility or a large multi-national chain, Fitness Australia's registered fitness business program can cater to your needs.

Registration with Fitness Australia provides assurance and confidence to consumers, employers and health professionals. Register as a Fitness Australia registered business or exercise professional and start enjoying many active benefits today.