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Having access to well researched, evidence-based data and information is one of the keys to organisational success. Fitness Australia has embarked on a comprehensive fitness industry research program, designed to inform and guide the fitness industry into the future.

Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010 - 2020

Fitness Australia commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to conduct a detailed analysis of the exercise professionals' workforce in Australia. The Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2012 provides an important insight into the industry as well as identifying potential challenges and opportunities. This analysis will enable better strategy planning for industry and customer requirements now and in the future.

View the Information Sheet April 2012

View the Execuitive Summary Report April 2012

View the Full Report April 2012

Fitness Industry Economic Contribution Report

An economic contribution report commissioned by Fitness Australia and prepared by Access Economics estimates that Australia's fitness centres can provide savings in direct health care costs of up to $108 million per annum. Further economic modelling has revealed that a 3% increase in fitness centre utilisation by the adult population has the potential to deliver additional health care savings in the order of $204.8 million and lead to around 2,609 extra full time employees in the workforce.

The Fitness Industry Economic Contribution Report has been produced at a time when the issues of population health, obesity and avoidable chronic disease are a high priority for government policy makers. With the national health budget growing at an alarming and unsustainable rate, government will increasingly seek solutions such as those offered by the fitness industry to avoid spiralling health care costs that are largely preventable. The Report shows that Australia's fitness centres are an important part of the Australian economy and that substantial benefits are derived from its contribution to improved health and productivity in the community.

View the Fitness Industry Economic Contribution Report.

2008 Fitness Industry Profile Report

This important industry profile information is now being used to develop further study on the fitness industry contribution to and impact upon the Australian economy. This, in turn, will be valuable in supporting the ongoing position of the fitness industry amongst all levels of government.

The results provide a snapshot of the industry, including information on business models, services, customers, employment and membership as well as key financial trends within the industry over the last year. View the 2008 Fitness Industry Profile Report.

Fitness Australia Annual Report 2012-13

Reflecting on the past twelve months, we are proud to report on Fitness Australia’s many and wide-ranging achievements. View the Fitness Australia Annual Report 2012-13.

Fitness Australia Annual Report 2011-12

The annual financial report discussion and analysis can be found on pages 27 - 44 of the Australian Fitness Industry Report 2012.

Fitness Australia Annual Report 2010-11

View the Fitness Australia Annual Report 2010-11.

Fitness Australia Annual Report 2009-10

The Fitness Australia Annual Report is an overview of the health and fitness industry associations performance for the 2009-10 financial year. View the Fitness Australia Annual Report 2009-10.

Fitness Australia Annual Report 2008-09

The Fitness Australia Annual Report is an overview of the health and fitness industry associations performance for the 2008-09 financial year. View the Fitness Australia Annual Report 2008-09.

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