Standards, Guidelines & Policies

Fitness Australia provides policies and guidelines, such as the Codes of Practice, to help fitness businesses and Registered Exercise Professionals maintain best practices when working with clients.

All Exercise Professionals have a duty of care to prevent harm which could reasonably be expected to occur in the course of providing advice or instruction to clients. The professional standards and guidelines we’ve developed help you exercise your duty of care and mitigate risk.

If a Registered Exercise Professional is alleged to have breached their of duty of care, we will examine their compliance with our standards and guidelines. 

Exercise Professional Code of Ethics & Scope of Practice

State and Territory Fitness Industry Codes of Practice

As the fitness industry has progressed it is evident that the Fitness Industry codes of practice no longer meet the requirement of the current industry landscape. To meet industry needs and align states and territories to one standard, Fitness Australia has removed state based codes as we develop a National Fitness Industry Code of Practice.

In the meantime code legislation still exists in a number of states and territories and fitness businesses must meet these requirements.

Legislation also exists for all business in any industry. It is important that fitness businesses are aware of the requirement to meet this legislation. Requirements include but are not limited to:

Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool & User Guide

Exercise Guidelines

Human Resource/Industrial Relations

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